311 Grey Modern Hand Tufted Shag Area Rug Hand Carved 100% Polyester

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Our plush hand carved and tufted 311 Grey 3D shag rug features a modern design with a vibrant color palette, cotton backing, and is made of 100% Polyester.

- Hand-tufted
- Hand carved
-100% polyester
- Vibrant Color Palette
-Backing: cotton backing

311 Gray

The 311 Gray 3D Shag Rug is soft to the touch with wavy lines and four squares. The color on this rug is a mixture of gray and black. There are four squares with lines that look like ripples. This gives it the illusion that the squares are overlapping each other. It is the perfect combination of color that gives the rug a 3 dimensional depth, for those who want something flashy but simple at the same time.  With it being 1 inch thick and in many sizes.