313 Gold Brown Modern Hand Tufted Shag Rug Hand Carved 100% Polyester

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Our plush hand carved and tufted 313 Gold Brown 3D shag rug features a modern design with a vibrant color palette, cotton backing and is made of 100% Polyester.

- Hand-tufted
- Hand carved
-100% polyester
- Vibrant Color Palette
-Backing: cotton backing

313 Gold Brown

The 313 Gold Brown 3D Shag Rug is soft to the touch with a spiral like pattern. The color on this rug is a mixture of gold and brown. The illusion in this rug is to make it look like there are two 3 dimensional spirals. It is the perfect combination of color that gives the rug a 3 dimensional depth, for those who want something flashy but simple at the same time.  With it being 1 inch thick and in many sizes.