888 Black 100% Polypropylene Powerloomed Modern Area Rug

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Very affordable and durable this made in Turkey, 100% Polypropylene, power loomed area rug features a jute backing with a 13mm pile high and modern design. 

.Machine woven
.100% polypropylene
.Flat wave appx. 13mm pile high
.No shedding
.Made in turkey
.Very affordible!
.Very durable
.Backing:  jute backing

888 Black

The 888 Black Lifestyle Rug is elegant with leaf like pattern. The colors on this rug or black, gold, and brown. The backdrop of this rug is black. There are two lines like stems running down on the two long sides of the rug. On these stems are leaves sticking out. The color of the stem and outline of the leaves are gold. The filling of the leaves are brown.