Crystal Shag Peach Hand Tufted Area Rug

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Designers favorite Shag Peach Area Rug has 3 different high quality soft yarn mix together with cotton backing hand tufted vibrant colors and long pile approx 3 inches.

.Hand tufted
.3 Different High Quality Soft Yarn Mix Together
.Backing: Cotton Backing
.Vibrant Colors
.Long Pile Approx 3 inches
.Designers Favorite

Crystal Shag Peach Area Rug

The Crystal Shag Peach Area Rug  has cotton backing  and is hand tufted. The rug has three different high quality soft yarns mixed together. The color of the rug gives it a beautiful look that can go any where. The rug looks best on darker floors which makes it stand out much more. This rug is great for any home or work space that wants a simple but elegant look.