Design 35 Beige 100% Polyester Modern Hand Tufted Shag Area Rug

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This hand tufted 100% Polyester area rug is made of 3 different types of plush shag materials and features a hand carved modern design with a cotton backing.

.Hand tufted
.Hand carved
.100% polyester
.Backing: cotton backing
.Up to 3 different shag material used in the rug

Design 35 Beige

The Design 35 Beige Shaggy Viscose Design Rug is soft to the touch with rectangles. This rug consists of colors like a variation beige. On the rug there are three big rectangles that have smaller ones in them. The darkest color is used for the back drop and in the rectangles are the lighter ones. This gives the rug a unique style that can be added to your home or work space. With it being 1 inch thick and in many sizes.