Moro Design 1207 100% Polyester Area Rug

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Our Moro 1207 Silver Area Rug is 100% Polyester and hand tufted with cotton a backing. Each rug features an abstract design that's simple yet captivating. 


.100% Polyester

.Abstract Design on Every Rug 

.Hand Tufted

.Backing: Cotton Backing

.Moro 1207 Silver


The Moro 1207 Moro Collection Area Rug is elegant with a simple design. The rug will look great on any floor and compliment any interior design. This is what your interior design is missing if you want a rug with a very simple yet abstract design that can make any place look classy. This is the type of rug for those who seek elegance and simplicity, you can’t go wrong with this area rug.