out5 green leaf Hand Tufted Outdoor Rug UV Protected Water Repellant

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 100% Polypropylene water resistant and UV Protected. Rich greens and leafy designs you can almost feel yourself getting healthier just standing around it.

.Hand tufted
.Indoor & outdoor living
.Loop pile and no shedding
.100% polypropylene
.UV protected
.Water repellent (wont damage under rain)
.Backing: special natural latex for water to go through without damaging the rug

Out5 Green

The Out5 Green Vivid Rug is vibrant with  leaf patterns. The rug consists of colors with a variation of greens. The backdrop is a light green and the leaves are green and dark green. With there being about sixteen leaves on this rug.This rug can give any place a vibrant and stylish new look.