out5 Autumn leaf Hand Tufted Outdoor Rug UV Protected Water Repellent

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100% Polypropylene water resistant and UV protected. Its Autumn all year long with this rug around. Who else feels like eating pumpkin pie?

.Hand tufted
.Indoor & outdoor living
.Loop pile and no shedding
.100% polypropylene
.UV protected
.Water repellent (wont damage under rain)
.Backing: special natural latex for water to go through without damaging the rug

Out5 Rust

The Out5 Rust Vivid Rug is vibrant with  leaf patterns. The rug consists of colors lIke yellow, dark orange, and beige. The backdrop is beige and the leaves are yellow and dark orange. With there being about sixteen leaves on this rug.This rug can give any place a vibrant and stylish new look.