TF38 Wheels Hand Tufted Hand Carved 100% Polyester Area Rug

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 Our hand tufted hand carved TF38 Wheels Transition Collection Area Rug is 100% polyester with cotton backing vibrant colors and very heavy duty and durable.

.Hand tufted
.Hand carved
.100% polyester
. Backing: cotton backing
.Very heavy and durable
.Vibrant colors

TF38 Wheels

The TF38 Wheels Transition Area Rug has a eccentric pattern form. This type of rug is for those who want to make a statement in their place. The pattern on the rug gives it a three dimensional type of motion to it. The rug is very edgy and will make your work place or home floor stand out in the right way. This rug is irresistible to the eye.